Austrian-Slovenian HPC Meeting 2023 – ASHPC23

13-15 June 2023
Institute of Information Science
 (IZUM), Maribor, Slovenia

Austrian-Slovenian HPC Meeting 2023 – ASHPC23 will continue the tradition of the annual Austrian HPC Meetings, held 2015 – 2020, and the Austrian-Slovenian HPC Meetings, held 2021 – 2022: Bringing together scientists and technicians with a background and interest in supercomputing. 

ASHPC23 focuses on various aspects of high-performance computing (HPC) and provides a great opportunity to discuss HPC-related topics and present your latest results. It will also provide an overview and update on the rapidly improving HPC landscape available to European researchers.

ASHPC23 is organised by EuroCC Slovenia and EuroCC Austria, in cooperation with the Institute of Information Science in Maribor (IZUM), Slovenia, the Slovenian consortium for high performance computing (SLING), the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC), Austria and the Research Area Scientific Computing in Innsbruck, Austria.

Important dates:

1 February 2023 – abstract submission & registration opening
16 April 2023 – extended abstract submission deadline for contributed talks and posters
21 April 2023 – communicate decision about acceptance as a talk or poster to authors
30 April 2023 - early bird registration deadline
1 June 2023 - regular registration deadline
12 June 2023 - late registration deadline
13-15 June 2023 – ASHPC23 at IZUM, Maribor, Slovenia

Organising committee:

Pavel Tomšič (OC chair), University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia
Marko Kralj, Institute of Information Science (IZUM), Slovenia
Eduard Reiter, Research Area Scientific Computing, University of Innsbruck, Austria 

Programme committee:

Andreas Rauber (PC chair), Research Unit of Data Science and VSC Research Center, TU Wien
Claudia Blaas-Schenner, EuroCC Austria and VSC Research Center, TU Wien, Austria
Alexander Ostermann, Research Area Scientific Computing, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Uroš Lotrič, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Aleš Zamuda, University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Slovenia

Latest information can be found on the official website of the event.

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