Vienna High Performance Business Day

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Vienna High Performance Business Day

1 June 2022, 13:30-17:00
Online & TU Wien Science Center, Franz-Grill-Straße 9, Arsenal, 1030 Vienna

Supercomputing, or high-performance computing (HPC), is an enabler of innovation, optimisation, and a driver of significant financial return. The event will provide insights into supercomputing as a tool for startups and SMEs as well as research and public administration to boost their innovation capacity, extract value from data, and stay ahead of competitors. 

Supercomputing meets AI and Big Data Analytics

The application of Big Data Analytics or AI with the power of HPC offers enormous potential for research, development and innovation as well as optimisation of products and manufacturing processes. Making these technologies available for wider use is a necessary step towards building a sustainable technological ecosystem tailored to the interests and needs of research, business and society.

The event will provide information about the many benefits that supercomputing can bring to business and research, inspire attendees about potential use in different sectors with concrete use cases examples, and highlight the support services available in Austria for organisations that want to approach the supercomputing world.

Meet the speakers

All our speakers are available during the event for your questions and to discuss your potential applications. Use the opportunity to get in touch with the community!

See the supercomputer

The event will take place at the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) that hosts the most powerful supercomputer ever installed in Austria. At the event you can peek behind the scenes of VSC and see the infrastructure that powers Austria's research and innovation!

Start your own project

Join us to listen to the experience of your peers, get inspired, meet potential partners and learn more about how you can benefit from Austria’s supercomputing infrastructure and what support you can count on to drive your own impactful projects backed by supercomputing.

Challenge your idea

Not sure if your idea can benefit from the supercomputer infrastructure and the support EuroCC Austria provides? Book a consulting appointment directly at the event!


13:30   Registration on-site
14:00  Welcome & Introduction
  Dejan Jovicevic - brutkasten and Markus Stöhr - EuroCC Austria
14:10  Building an Advanced Computer Infrastructure for Scientific Excellence and Industrial
  Strength - a Joint European Undertaking
  Andreas Wierse - EuroCC 
14:30  Economical Advantages Enabled by Supercomputing
  We have created a very complicated world that we are still trying to design, build and control using the 20th century (or older) methods. Supercomputing could help - if used properly.
  Niki Popper - dwh
14:45  Panel Discussion
  Moderator: Irene Fialka, INiTS
  Robert Ginthör - Know-Center
  Andreas S. Rath - ONDEWO
  Niki Popper - dwh
15:45 Use Case Presentations and Answering Audience Questions
  Isabell Claus - Thinkers.Ai & Gerald Spreitzhofer, MetGIS
16:15 Summary & Next Steps, How YOU Can Benefit
  End of the Livestream
16:25  On-site Networking & Guided Tour VSC

Organised by EuroCC Austria with INiTS as an affiliated partner, Vienna High Performance Business Day is part of ViennaUp'22 - a tech festival shining a light on what the future of technology holds. Join us on 1st June for insights into the supercomputing world and benefits for your business or research!

Further information:


About EuroCC Austria

EuroCC Austria is a non-profit that makes supercomputing accessible to Austria's businesses, academia and the public sector. It facilitates exchange between academia and industry, provides training, and helps to access supercomputers for complex computational tasks such as simulations, modelling, big data analytics, and machine learning. 

About INiTS

INiTS is the Vienna Business Incubator for innovative research- or technology-based startups with high growth potential. It supports academic institutions in technology exploitation and the creation of spin-offs and develop spin-offs from all research institutions in Vienna. INiTS is a partner in EuroCC Austria's mission to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between HPC experts and startups.