Recording of the webinar:

European AI Applications – Large Language Models for Business

6 March 2024, 14:00 CET

Webinar organised by EuroCC Austria and VSC Research Center (TU Wien)
Language: English
Location: Online (Zoom)
Price: free
Registration: closed

This webinar will discuss novel European applications of artificial intelligence in business and research, also covering challenges of adoption of Large Language Models and how to overcome them by utilising European supercomputing power to achieve business goals and develop cutting-edge products.

You will find out how companies leverage LLMs for their products and services and what value language-based AI products bring to the table.

Isabell Claus of thinkers.ai will present successful business use cases and Yashas Rattehalli of hercules.ai will show LIVE how an AI employee works to streamline daily tasks such as email communication and customer support.

Apart from that, we are excited to offer unique insights into training an LLM. Felix Stollenwerk of AI Sweden will guide you behind the scenes of the mammoth project of training the first Swedish LLM and Simeon Harrison of EuroCC Austria / VSC will show in a LIVE DEMO how fine-tuning works on a supercomputer.

Join us for the conversation about matters highly topical for today's business and research landscape!


14:00     Welcome
  Eva Gergely (project manager and team lead at Vienna University Computer Center, dept. IT-Support for Research)
14:10 AI applications in a high-speed mode across industries   

Businesses of any industry and any size prepare themselves for AI applications or are already up and running. This trend grows exponentially and “AI readiness” is already a decisive strategic competitive advantage. Use cases are manifold. More and more business value is created and therefore the LLM-trend is here to stay and deeply absorbed in all industries.

In this presentation, Isabell will talk about the big picture behind the value of AI and LLMs for businesses. You will find out how businesses can leverage language-based AI products and what successful AI use cases are out there.

Speaker: Isabell Claus –co-Managing Director of thinkers.ai, winner of the Europe State Award 2022, Innovator of the Year 2023 in Austria and Austrian Entrepreneur of the Year 2020.

14:35   GPT-SW3: The first LLM for Swedish and the Nordic Languages

GPT-SW3 is the first Large Language Model for Swedish and the Nordic languages. In this talk, Felix Stollenwerk will give an overview of how the model was trained and discuss the model's evaluation and application.

Speaker: Felix Stollenwerk – senior research scientist at AI Sweden with a PhD in theoretical physics. His work focuses on Large Language Models and Natural Language Understanding.

15:00 Transforming the Workspace with AI Employees: A Look into the Future of Work

An exploration into how Hercules AI leverages Large Language Models to create "AI Employees" that can perform complex cognitive tasks within enterprises, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations. Stay tuned for a short demo to see how the AI agents work!

Speaker: Yashas Rattehalli – the founder and CEO of Hercules AI, a groundbreaking startup that develops AI-powered virtual employees for businesses, leveraging his extensive expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to founding Hercules AI, Yashas spearheaded the development of Automated Machine Learning at DataRobot and led significant growth units at other major tech firms, including Amazon and Accenture.

15:25 European Supercomputers and LLMs: A Match Made in Heaven?

The existing European supercomputer infrastructure packs quite a punch – computationally speaking. Simulations, advanced modelling, big data analytics and machine learning all benefit from these number-crunching beasts, but let's look closer at training LLMs in particular. 

Fine-tuning an LLM on a supercomputer might not be as straightforward as you think: you need to know which form of parallelisation you are going for, how to setup a suitable environment, write job scripts and possibly create some config files.

In this presentation, Simeon will talk more about fine-tuning LLMs and will demonstrate how it's done on Austria's flagship supercomputer VSC-5. He will also speak about the different ways to parallelise the training of your model and how EuroCC Austria can support businesses to successfully make use of the available infrastructure.

Speaker: Simeon Harrison (Trainer for HPC/HPDA/AI at EuroCC Austria and VSC Research Center, TU Wien)

15:55 Q&A + open end


Prices and eligibility

This webinar is offered free of charge for participants from industry, academia and public administration from the Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU) and Associated/Other Countries to the Horizon 2020 programme.


Registration closed




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